2016 - April - Saturday Morning

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2016 - April - Saturday Morning by Mind Map: 2016 - April - Saturday Morning

1. Conducted by Ucthdorf

2. Henry B Eyring

2.1. Focus on Jesus Christ

2.2. Where and when we feel the closeness of the Savior depends on each of us.

2.3. Parable or the Sower

2.3.1. What soil am I?

2.3.2. There is an opportunity for me over the next few day to be softened and be fertile soil

2.3.3. Listen with the Spirit and I will be open

2.3.4. Pray will full purpose of heart

2.4. We have all had our faith tested when blessing are delayed

2.5. Only the Holy Ghost can bring the blessings he desires for us.

2.6. Am I learning "by some other way" ?

2.6.1. from man

2.6.2. from my self

2.6.3. from pride

2.7. A VERY strong invitation to pray from Henry

2.7.1. during song

2.7.2. during the talk

2.7.3. when conf is over

2.7.4. as conf starts

2.7.5. as I review notes

2.8. Listen carefully to the testimonies born during conf - these talks were prepare with prayer and study, perfect fertilizer for the Spirit to feed me

3. Mary R Durham

3.1. Story of 2 men swimming across the lake with kids

3.1.1. he was swimming with his daughter and started to sink Daily life

3.1.2. feel alone, helpless, no one can hear cried for help, life in jeopardy depression, IN the world and OF the world

3.1.3. While swimming he tried to kick his shoes off, tough but he did it --- shedding the extra wheight sin

3.2. We all need the gift of the Holy Ghose to make it today

3.3. How do we teach our kids to use the Spirit so they do not drown

3.3.1. Bring their attention to the Spirit when it is there See how Eli did it for Samuel

3.3.2. Prepare our homes and children to feel the still small voice Like how we teach kids foreign languages in immersion programs The best setting for immersion is in the home Teach the Lords word dilligently Teach them that a reoccuring through, or timely memory is how the HG works Teach them to focus on what they feel and act on it

4. Donald Hallstrom

4.1. His title is Father, so we should have that relationship with him

4.2. We are children of God

4.3. An understand of God is essential to our salvation.

4.4. Is our heavenly lineage our most profound identity

4.4.1. comapare to the other ways we identify ourself job hobby where we live income nickname

4.5. This will motive our direction and repentance

4.6. He allows some earthly suffering because he knows it will strengthen us.

4.6.1. hardships have purpose

4.6.2. You can have what you want, or you can have something better, - Holland

5. Gary E Stevenson

5.1. On a cold, ski day they could not find the Keys to the car (Compare to Priesthood)

5.1.1. Without keys it will not open start drive provide warmth be of value

5.2. John the Baptist brought back the keys

5.3. Keys are the authority given to use

5.3.1. they direct the use of authority

5.3.2. all keys are held by the Lord and he delegates them

5.4. 3 ways to use and find the keys

5.4.1. Prepare for missionary serive All of your prep will be life long benefits

5.4.2. Attend the Temple research , find names, perform baptisms do it as a family

5.4.3. Go forward with Faith In strength of youth there is good instruction kneel in prayer study scriptures be obedient follow prophets be humble TheLord will make more out of your life than you can increased testimony

6. Kevin Duncan (70)

6.1. Things Happen, we will all be victim of others actions one day, God prepared a way for us to get through. Escape = forgive others.

6.1.1. We dont need to carry the burden

6.1.2. God can heal the wounded soul, if we let Him

6.2. One key to forgiving others is to see them as God sees them.

6.3. Look at the example of Saul

6.3.1. Not only did God forgive them, but he forgave himself

6.3.2. We all have Saul tendencies and Paul potential

6.3.3. Paul did not let his Saul history determine his future.

6.3.4. Do not judge yourself by the worst thing you have ever done

6.4. Sometimes we are the offender who needs forgiveness from others.

6.4.1. If you forgive others HE will forgive you

6.5. Do not be a victim twice..... Forgive!

7. Steven Snow (70)

7.1. Hymns

7.1.1. The Lord asked JS to ask Emma to collect some hyms had only 90 songs to start 26 were from WW Phelps

7.2. Our genuine concern should be for the success of others

7.2.1. A little humility goes a long way

7.2.2. Teach yourself and your kids to cheer for others and not just yourself

7.3. As we stay teachable our prayers become more earnest

7.4. We will all have to walk through that valley of humility, unless we can take care of it ourself before that time.

7.5. How does one get humble

7.5.1. Remember your dependance on the Lord Through prayer

7.5.2. Count your blessing

7.5.3. Give to others

7.5.4. Serve

8. Dale Renlund

8.1. The greater the distance between the giver and receiver, then the greater the entitlement grows in the receiver

8.1.1. We take care of those close to use as to avoid making entitlement issues

8.2. Our dependance is illustrated in the BoM

8.2.1. Nephi cried to the Lord to learn

8.2.2. Lam and Lem were far from God and they expected everything done for them. they knew not the dealings of that God They got mad when they saw nephi blessed cuz they did not understand God

8.2.3. Nephi exercised faith L&L thought God was obligated to provide

8.3. The closer we are to Jesus the more we will understand the atonement

8.4. Whatever our direction or distance to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, we can choose to turn toward Them...

8.5. The sacrament is indispensable to a spiritual foundation