IB Art Show - dedicated Map

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IB Art Show - dedicated Map by Mind Map: IB Art Show - dedicated Map

1. DP Exhibition Exam

1.1. last year

1.1.1. 12 Show When? From beginning of March - opening after Break in last week before exams

1.2. this year

1.2.1. sent booking to Joreen for the spaces Confirmed? up dated info Calendar and Venue booking form How do we book the level 5 now - Joreen

1.2.2. asked for the college calendar to be updated Confirmed?

1.2.3. Electrician has been requested Confirmed?

1.2.4. Catering Confirmed? sent another email 16/11 emails sent Form for order to come done Email sent to Joreen for a contact Sudexo confirmed same guy reminder sent coffee, tea and water have also been requested of sudexo as facilities no longer do reminder sent 6 large tables request (facilities) requested

1.3. Email sent to Kel Win to find panels, lights and clips

1.3.1. placed on job sheet

1.4. Lawrence

1.4.1. poster remided need go be up by first Wed back reminded

1.4.2. catalogue remided need to be ready of the opening only reminded

1.4.3. labels students do

1.5. Opener

1.5.1. Guy? email sent Confirmed? spoke to in the office Dot points

1.6. Exam schedule

1.6.1. Updated 5th Feb

1.7. Kel Win

1.7.1. get all the lights together asked

1.7.2. get all the klem clips together asked

1.7.3. count the panels asked

1.8. Film on same night - arrangements