Security and Privacy

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Security and Privacy by Mind Map: Security and Privacy

1. Both topics are interrelated since our privacy and security are rising issues in today’s society. In this generation, I believe there are pros and cons since with the advancement of technology it makes it easier for us to share information anytime for the day. However, at the same time it is very unsafe for us to be putting that information out there for anybody to access it.

2. The two topics I will be discussing are security and privacy. Protecting information that can potentially be a threat to our safety is important for every individual. The Advancement of technology and the internet has made it easier for people out there to steal our personal information.

3. Is there any privacy even left? The answer is no. "You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it." (Sprenger, 1999). This statement is very true when it comes to our generation. The amount of information that we share through our social media is getting increased everyday. Social media Sites like Instagram, twitter, facebook have access to your locations and individuals can update their locations anytime. This makes it easier for hackers to know more information and know exactly where you are and what you are doing. According to study, its shown that "half (49 percent) of Canadians believe it is acceptable for the government to monitor email and other online activities of Canadians in some circumstances" (CIRA, 2013). I would have to agree that we do not have any privacy left in this generation. 50% of Canada believes that it is completely okay for the government to monitor emails which can have a lot of personal information in them.

4. When it comes to Security and being safe from external threats, it is very similar to privacy. If our privacy is being threatened by the environment than so is our security. In the modern age, it would be assumed that people would try to be more secure. However, the assumption is wrong since a lot of people are not safe online. It Is important for us to have stronger and better passwords and studies have shown that online fraud is a rapidly growing industry.

5. An example of where our security is threatened would be our cellphones. Almost Every individual has a cellphone in the modern age and uses it through their entire day. However, when our cellphones can be used as threat for our safety than it is a big concern. Studies have shown that “In the United States, 40% of Android users are likely to click an unsafe link”. Our phones can be the biggest tool for hackers to get our personal information when it comes to our safety.

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