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Choose One by Mind Map: Choose One

1. Stay on the company life

1.1. withstand current job's stress

1.1.1. Pay attention your brain Limit 42 age Family with

1.2. Internal job posting

1.2.1. No free time Limit 47 age Family with

1.3. Overseas employment

1.3.1. Pay attention your language Maybe 50 over Family with

2. Leave the company

2.1. Yes! i got a money

2.1.1. 3,000$/month under Study what i want Family with

2.2. No money. jobless..

2.2.1. 1,300$/month under Writing - 0$ Pay attention domestic economy Unlimit Part time job - Coffee-800$ Bond-500$ free-lance(There is no job about PL/SQL) - 0$ HADXit LAB(Startups) - 0$