QA Plan Diagram

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QA Plan Diagram by Mind Map: QA Plan Diagram

1. Step 2: Organize your team

1.1. 1. 2 Administrator (Responsible to direct the plan) 2. One Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, (responsible for mange the plan and designing and implementing robust Quality Systems within the department.) 3. 20 students, (responsible to observe the instructor inside the labs.) 4. Me:( responsible for evaluating the result of tools that we will use to measure the three areas)

2. Step 1: Define the goals/objectives of your plan

2.1. Goal The instructor in ILT Used and deal with advanced-technology in teaching and learning process

2.2. Objectives The instructor of ILT department will able to: 1) Use different kind of multimedia like sound, video and animation in labs for all classes effectively. 2) Use Java and C+ to increase the students’ information about the programming courses in a simple way. 3) Implement different kinds of LMS like Black Board and moodle in teaching strategies in e-learning courses.

3. Step 7: Analyze the results

3.1. • Compare the students’ motivation before and after depending on the result. • Conduct further observation if the data don’t clear and enough. • Describe input and Graph a results • Summarize results

3.1.1. Essays / Articles

3.1.2. Books

4. Step 5: Decide Upon Assessment Tools (note: these may be different from the needs assessment tools)

4.1. I will use Observation tool to assess the instructor by observe their performance inside the classroom and how they used the technology in the educational process.

4.2. I will use interview with the students to ask them about their need of technology used in classroom and does the instructors provide it.

5. Step 3: Plan the Needs Assessment or Self-Study

5.1. Current Situation Some instructors in ILT department don’t use advanced technology in the teaching and learning process.

5.2. The gap Lack of knowledge and skills of using advanced technology.

5.3. Optimal Situation The instructor who have lack skills and knowledge will implement and deal with advanced technology in their educational process

6. Step 4: Determine the standards or benchmarks you will use

6.1. Using Coaching Standard

7. Step 6: Perform your assessment

7.1. To assess the instructors we collecting the data from the observation that we will make in the classroom as well as the students' interview

8. Step 8: Make Recommendations and Create an Action Plan

8.1. 1) Make training for teachers to rich them with new technologies and teaching strategies. 2) Provide facilities and needed equipment in labs to use new technologies in some e-learning classes. 3) Develop and modify the content and make it more focus in technology and conducting researches.

9. Step 9: Share your results

9.1. • Shared with different departments in the College of the Education • Communicated to faculty • Communicated to administration of the university.

10. Parpose

10.1. Evaluate the using of technology in ILT department