Leadership Credo

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Leadership Credo by Mind Map: Leadership Credo

1. Ambition

1.1. Becoming captain of cross country and track team

1.1.1. Getting into Rutgers Starting a business Graduation Day

1.1.2. Getting through school

2. Influential

2.1. Family

2.1.1. Making Friends Making Colleagues Making valuable relationships

3. Fearlessness

3.1. Being Bullied

3.1.1. Getting past difficult situations Taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes Being Promoted

4. Creativity

4.1. Being an artist throughout grade school

4.1.1. Organizing new events for school Becoming a Jiu Jitsu athlete learning different styles Help creating designs at Sprayground Brand

5. Academics

5.1. Honor Roll

5.1.1. High Honor Roll Graduating with 4.0 GPA Getting Research Work Published

6. Athleticism

6.1. Being Weak

6.1.1. Winning Counties in Track Winning States in Track Becoming Nationally Ranked