Aspects of Life Affected by Segregation

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Aspects of Life Affected by Segregation by Mind Map: Aspects of Life Affected by Segregation

1. Public Accommodations

1.1. blacks had seperate restrooms

1.2. Blacks had to give up bus seats to white people

1.3. blacks couldn't go to a white resteraunt or bar.

1.4. Couldn't drink out of same water fountains

2. Schools

2.1. Whites and blacks had different education

2.2. Couldn't go to the same school

3. Housing

3.1. Seperate neighborhoods for blacks and whites

3.2. White's usually had better housing

3.3. Whites would buy off the houses of blacks by paying the landlords more money then blacks could afford.

4. The Workplace

4.1. Blacks couldn't work with white people

4.2. White people had more oppurtunities

4.3. Whites had more rights in work places

4.4. Whites usually got paid more than blacks

5. Politics

5.1. Black people had no say in politics

5.2. Blacks couldn't vote

5.3. White had more power

6. Marriage

6.1. Blacks couldn't marry white people

6.2. Many blacks were accused of rape because they married/ dated white females