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The Domains of Doctorship by Mind Map: The Domains of
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The Domains of Doctorship

Good clinical care

* Providing good clinical care (paragraphs 2-3)

* Supporting self-care (paragraph 4)

* Avoid treating those close to you (paragraph 5)

* Raising concerns about patient safety (paragraph 6)

* Decisions about access to medical care (paragraphs 7-10)

* Treatment in emergencies (paragraph 11)

Maintaining good medical practice

Keeping up to date para 12-13)

Maintaining and improving your performance (para 14)

Teaching and Training

About teaching, training, appraising and assessing doctors and students; developing appropriate skills and attitudes (para 15-19)

Relations with patients and relatives

* The doctor-patient partnership (paragraphs 20-21)

* Good communication (paragraphs 22-23)

* Children and young people (paragraphs 24-28)

* Relatives, carers and partners (paragraph 29)

* Being open and honest with patients if things go wrong (paragraphs 30-31)

* Maintaining trust in the profession (paragraphs 32-35)

* Consent (paragraph 36)

* Confidentiality (paragraph 37)

* Ending your professional relationship with a patient (paragraphs 38-40)

Working relations with colleagues

Working in teams (paragraphs 41-42)

Conduct and performance of colleagues (paragraphs 43-45)

Respect for colleagues (paragraphs 46-47)

Arranging cover (paragraph 48)

Taking up and ending appointments (paragraph 49)

Sharing information with colleagues (paragraphs 50-53)

Delegation and referral (paragraphs 54-55)


Being honest and trustworthy (paragraphs 56-59)

Providing and publishing information about your services (paragraphs 60-62)

Writing reports and CVs, giving evidence and signing documents (paragraphs 63-69)

Research (paragraphs 70-71)

Financial and commercial dealings (paragraphs 72-73)

Conflicts of interest (paragraphs 74-76)


77. Register with a GP

78. Immunisations and communicable disease

79. Serious condition affecting judgement or performance