Objective: Describe daily life during colonial times

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Objective: Describe daily life during colonial times by Mind Map: Objective: Describe daily life during colonial times

1. Learning Profiles/Interests

1.1. Video Games/Technology

1.1.1. Have the student play "Oregon Trail" and create a colony

1.1.2. Allow the student to use the classroom iPads to watch education videos about colonial times

1.2. Reading/Writing (Creativity)

1.2.1. Give the student options of historical novels to read from

1.2.2. Allow the student to have extra time reading

1.2.3. Draw daily colonial activities and create a "book" of all the activities

2. Strategies for Learning Styles

2.1. Visual Learner

2.1.1. Use visual aids (PowerPoint, YouTube, etc.) to introduce the material

2.1.2. Use a learning menu to visually represent the options available for the end assessment

2.2. Group Learner

2.2.1. Jigsaw a chapter of the social studies textbook then have groups share their findings.

2.2.2. Have small groups create a list of activities from the colonial times and during group discussion have them each add 1-3 items on the classroom chart

3. Readiness

3.1. High level of understanding

3.1.1. Using journaling to have the students write down what they think the daily life of colonial children would be

3.1.2. Have the students write mini reports on specific historical figures from the colonial times

3.2. Low level of understanding

3.2.1. Give more detailed instructions (with the use of PowerPoint presentations)

3.2.2. During group discussions and activities, pair them with a higher level student to work with and form new ideas