Organizations Creating Opportunities for Newly-Retired Adults

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Organizations Creating Opportunities for Newly-Retired Adults by Mind Map: Organizations Creating Opportunities for Newly-Retired Adults

1. Local Community

1.1. Friends

1.1.1. Write a blog with friends about what to do in the community

1.1.2. Schedule Game night activites

1.2. Neighbors

1.2.1. Start or join a neighborhood watch

1.2.2. Start or join a dog walking/dog park group

1.2.3. Start or join a running/walking group in the neighborhood

2. Gyms and Health Organizations

2.1. Gym

2.1.1. Create Programs for Regular exersize

2.1.2. Monitor Weight and weight loss goals

2.1.3. Regularly check heart rate

2.1.4. Start a gym buddy group for older folks

2.2. Hospitals

2.2.1. Ensure regular checkups are performed

2.2.2. Volunteer to spend time with patients

2.2.3. Join a support group

3. Social Organizations

3.1. Activities

3.1.1. Fishing

3.1.2. Baking

3.1.3. Gardening

3.2. Books and Games Clubs

3.2.1. Supporting sports teams

3.2.2. Wine Tasting

3.2.3. Bingo Nights

4. Educational Organizations

4.1. Universities and Vocational Education

4.1.1. Teach classes

4.1.2. Be active in clubs or organizations at the vocational school

4.1.3. Be a guest speaker in classes

4.1.4. Tutor students

4.2. Local Schools

4.2.1. Substitute teach

4.2.2. Get involved in school clubs

4.2.3. Coach sports

4.2.4. Tutor students

5. Religious and Non Profit Organizations

5.1. Non Profits

5.1.1. Join American Association of Retired People

5.1.2. Join Peace Corps, then be a recruiter in local area/give talks about experiences while serving

5.1.3. Volunteer for Red Cross

5.1.4. Volunteer at animal shelters

5.1.5. Volunteer at Friends of the Library

5.1.6. Volunteer for an environmental clean-up

5.2. Religious groups

5.2.1. Teach classes in church

5.2.2. Lead spiritual groups

6. Learner Considerations

6.1. Financial situation

6.2. Health status

6.3. Ability to drive

6.4. Ability to use technology

6.5. Location - rural or urban

7. Family and Extended Family

7.1. Spouse

7.1.1. Spend more time with family

7.1.2. Join or start a club for couples

7.2. Children

7.2.1. Babysit grandkids

7.2.2. Read or write a book or blog about being good parents/grandparents

7.2.3. Organize trips/vacations for the family

7.3. Extended Family

7.3.1. Organize family reunions

7.3.2. Plan Family vacations together

7.4. Start or join a restaurant explorers club

7.5. Find new common hobbies

8. Organization Considerations

8.1. Willing and eager stakeholders

8.2. Legal issues

8.3. advertisement of opportunities