Aspects of Life Affected by Segregation

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Aspects of Life Affected by Segregation by Mind Map: Aspects of Life Affected by Segregation

1. Public Accommodations

1.1. Segregation was common in public places, especially in the South

1.2. Jim Crow laws established separate facilities for whites and blacks across the South

1.3. o Often there was simply no accommodation for blacks at all.

2. school

2.1. Jim Crow laws for schools began to appear shortly after the Civil War.

2.2. By 1888, school segregation had been established in almost every southern state, along with some northern and western states.

2.3. Although the Plessy decision stated that separate accommodations for the races must be equal, the reality was often quite different.

3. Housing

3.1. African Americans also experienced housing segregation.

3.2. One practice was the restrictive covenant [restrictive covenant: an agreement among neighbors not to sell or rent to African Americans or other racial minorities] .

3.3. De jure segregation was accomplished through racial zoning [racial zoning: local laws that defined where the different races could live]

4. Marriage

4.1. Between 1870 and 1884, eleven southern states passed laws against miscegenation or interracial marriage.

5. The Workplace

5.1. Employment and working conditions reflected widespread segregation in American society.

5.2. Discrimination in employment was a direct result of racism, but it was also the product of poor schooling for African Americans

6. Politics

6.1. Gerrymandering was another method used to discriminate against black voters and render their votes meaningless.