Health and Wellness Engagement Benefit

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Health and Wellness Engagement Benefit by Mind Map: Health and Wellness Engagement Benefit

1. EAP

1.1. Goes at full-scale for all participants as a "day-one" benefit.

1.1.1. Benefits Navigation Scales in time from inbound to outbound calls

1.1.2. BH Support To solve for BH clinical needs

1.1.3. Benefits Portal Choose One: TPA, HBT or EAP vendor benefits website

1.1.4. Integrated with Health and Wellness

1.2. Administrative Engagement

1.3. Integrated with GHC and KP

1.4. 2.00 PMPM

1.5. Cost center, converts over time to savings


2.1. Limited regional pilot. Goes to scale for all beneficiaries over time

2.1.1. Clinically integrated with GHC and KP

2.1.2. Continuity Care Model Provide this to all members who reach eligiblity for 12 months, regardless of drop-off/churn events Addresses churn Allows clinical and administrative data to identify what Dx, injury and behaviors result in churn.

2.1.3. Health Coaching and Care Management

2.1.4. Injury reduction

2.1.5. HCA focused care, Occupational Health, L&I

2.1.6. Engagement

2.1.7. Integrated Behavioral Health

2.1.8. Tele-Medicine

2.1.9. Referral and Care Coordination

2.1.10. No Co-Pay

2.1.11. Same day access one hour visits with coaching

2.2. Clinical Engagment

2.3. 45.00 PMPM

2.4. Revenue Center, creates savings at 2x ROI

3. Online Health and Wellness Program

3.1. Limited pilot for members. Goes to scale over time

3.1.1. Interaction and engagement

3.1.2. New program/ innovation cohorts

3.1.3. Health and Wellness

3.1.4. Incentive based

3.1.5. Prevention

3.1.6. Integrated with PCMH

3.1.7. Integrated with EAP

3.2. Personal Engagment

3.3. 2.20 PMPM

3.4. Cost center, converts over time to savings

4. Group Health Medical Benefit

5. Kaiser Permanente Medical Benefit