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Nerscylla by Mind Map: Nerscylla

1. Spikes

1.1. Condensed poison from their prey drips out when upside down.

1.2. Will occasionally create shinies from drips containing drone or queen substances.

2. Mandibles

2.1. Can expand violently and expel potent venom.

2.2. Usually has to expand in a slow charge-up, giving chance to escape.

3. Claws

3.1. Hard to break, but worth it. Attacks from claws hit hard.

3.2. Claws knock you on your butt, Felyne Feet can prevent this.

4. Body

4.1. Can web you, curable with cleanser or external impact.

4.2. Abdomen can inject knockout powder into prey, or poison in more adapted species.

5. Battle Strategies

5.1. Bring cleansers, antidotes, energy drinks, and fire or thunder weapons. Twin Chainsaws work well. Eager cleaver as well.

5.2. Gypceros armor comes with slower stam depletion and poison immunity, REALLY helps with fight

6. Attacks

6.1. Can spit webs, use them to zip around, and hang from them to sleep or use the Arachnohug.

6.2. Melee attacks include Arachnohugs, claw swipes, lunges, slams, and poisonous mandibles.

6.3. Poison can deteriorate health, and sleep can leave you a sitting duck.