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Hydrocarbons by Mind Map: Hydrocarbons

1. When using the right formulas, you should be able to create a structure/dot diagram to help you visually see how things come to life and why things are developed the way they are.

2. Ethane: Eth=2, 2 carbons atoms, 6 hydrogen atoms

3. Methane: Meth=1, 1 carbon atom, 4 hydrogen atoms

4. The interrelation or arrangement of parts in a complex entity. In a way the construction and organization of parts such as moles, molecules, macro-molecules, etc. all form together to create something spectacular. By the way, stop messing with the project. It's not fair for those who actually take education seriously.

5. Formula

5.1. Each new element adds one carbon and two hydrogen molecules.

5.2. Example 1: Methane- CH4

5.3. Example 2: Ethane-

6. Bonding

6.1. Hydrocarbons have only covalent bonds

6.2. There can be single, double, and triple bonds

6.2.1. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

6.3. Covalent bonds Share electrons

7. Name

7.1. Propane: Pro=3, 3 carbon atoms, 8 hydrogen atoms

8. Structure

9. LOL


11. q

11.1. :)

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