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A Pair Of Tickets - Jing-Mei & SuYuan Woo by Mind Map: A Pair Of Tickets - Jing-Mei & SuYuan Woo
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A Pair Of Tickets - Jing-Mei & SuYuan Woo


A positive, yet somber, tone

Positive - when they meet up with the father's aunt and when they see the twin girls in the airport

Somber - when she is thinking about all the things she didn't know about her mother, things she wished she knew

Repeated Themes

Self discovery



New Perspectives


Now that her mother is gone she finally finds her half-sisters

June feels like she understands her mother more now, after she is dead, than she did before she died

She reaches for and accepts her Chinese self - something her mom has wanted her to do for her whole life


"No, tell me in Chinese. Really, I can understand" pg. 281 - asking about why her mother gave up the babies

"I forced myself to grieve more. It seemed as if I wanted to sustain my grief, to assure myself I cared deeply enough" pg. 278 - doesn't believe she cared enough

"The flash of the Polaroid goes off and my father hands me the snapshot. My sisters and I watch quietly together, eager to see what develops" pg. 288 - a foreshadow to what is yet to come


Polaroid camera

Three daughters reunite and they look like their mother

Twin babies - double good luck