A Pair Of Tickets - Jing-Mei & SuYuan Woo

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A Pair Of Tickets - Jing-Mei & SuYuan Woo by Mind Map: A Pair Of Tickets - Jing-Mei & SuYuan Woo

1. Tone/Diction

1.1. A positive, yet somber, tone

1.2. Positive - when they meet up with the father's aunt and when they see the twin girls in the airport

1.3. Somber - when she is thinking about all the things she didn't know about her mother, things she wished she knew

2. Repeated Themes

2.1. Self discovery

2.2. Regret

2.3. Understanding/Forgiveness

2.4. New Perspectives

3. Irony

3.1. Now that her mother is gone she finally finds her half-sisters

3.2. June feels like she understands her mother more now, after she is dead, than she did before she died

3.3. She reaches for and accepts her Chinese self - something her mom has wanted her to do for her whole life

4. Quotations

4.1. "No, tell me in Chinese. Really, I can understand" pg. 281 - asking about why her mother gave up the babies

4.2. "I forced myself to grieve more. It seemed as if I wanted to sustain my grief, to assure myself I cared deeply enough" pg. 278 - doesn't believe she cared enough

4.3. "The flash of the Polaroid goes off and my father hands me the snapshot. My sisters and I watch quietly together, eager to see what develops" pg. 288 - a foreshadow to what is yet to come

5. Imagery/Symbolism

5.1. Polaroid camera

5.2. Three daughters reunite and they look like their mother

5.3. Twin babies - double good luck