Breanna's Teaching Philosophy

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Breanna's Teaching Philosophy by Mind Map: Breanna's Teaching Philosophy

1. Learner Centered : The students will take on the role of learning and the teacher becomes the facilitator. Students make a more meaningful connection to their learning

1.1. Social Cognitive Theory : Students learn by doing and working with one another

1.1.1. Vygotsky

1.2. Creation of Agency and Authority in their learning

1.2.1. Name

1.2.2. Office hours

1.2.3. Contact

1.3. Grading System that incorporates reflections and problem solving in order to help students take ownership and provide support for poor habits and behavior.

2. Promote High and Realistic Expectations in the classroom

2.1. Modeling: Through this students will learn from myself and others what is appropriate for the classroom.

2.1.1. Live Modeling: showing students through my behavior and examples of previous work to show students the level of work expected.

2.1.2. Symbolic Modeling: Providing examples using popular culture for students

2.2. Self-Regulation

2.2.1. Have students create and achieve realistic goals

2.2.2. Help students create a plan and reflection to gauge their progress and achievement on their goals

3. Active Learning: helping students take an active role in their learning

3.1. Positive Reinforcement

3.2. Intrinsic Motivation: to create learners that are motivated within themselves to learn. Once this is achieved the students will feel rewarded based on their own desires than extrinsic motivations. I.E. Prizes

3.3. Self-Efficacy: by providing appropriate feedback to the students and helping them achieve mastery on a task. Furthermore helping students learn and grow from both their successes and failures.