Handling TODOs

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Handling TODOs by Mind Map: Handling TODOs

1. Guidelines

1.1. All TODOs should should be resolved before they are commited.

1.2. Todos that can't be resolved but can be generalized

1.2.1. Generalized TODOs should be described as a task and inserted into task DB with

1.3. If a TODO is impossible to resolve otherwise before commiting, consider alternatives

1.3.1. Use a specialized alternative that can be handled later Performance - To be handled when there are performance issues Note - Something to be aware of Bug - This is okayish for now but later on we should consider fading it out from the code just the same

1.3.2. Assign a TODO to a specific person Format By name: // TODO: Vitaly - Task that I plan to do Unassigned: // TODO: Task that I plan to do Resharper support Change default todo pattern Add user specific patterns Add filters