World War II :The Last Survivor- Leong Sam Wah

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World War II :The Last Survivor- Leong Sam Wah by Mind Map: World War II :The Last Survivor- Leong Sam Wah

1. Profile

1.1. Name: Leong Sam Wah Gender: Male Age: 86 Year of birth: 1930 Born in Temoh, Kampar, Perak. Race: Chinese Religion: Buddhanism Personality: Kind Background story: When he was 11 years old, the Japanese launched their attacks towards Malaya. During that time, he was just a child. However, those experience where his hometown was being attacked was still in his mind. Now, he is 86 years old and we would like to know more about his experience and stories throughout the war

2. Description

2.1. Early stage:

2.1.1. Internet Research

2.1.2. Group Discussion

2.1.3. Planning Proposal

2.1.4. Planning Interview

2.1.5. Discussion with lecturer(Coursework 1)

2.2. Second stage:

2.2.1. Carry out the plan

2.2.2. Conduct and interview

2.2.3. Video making and editing

2.2.4. Making Slide show (Power point)

2.3. Final stage:

2.3.1. Project Presentation Introduction and description(Power Point) Video playing session(The interview) Feedback and conclusion

3. Reference

3.1. -Battle of Kampar, from Wikipedia.

3.2. Mr. Leong Sam Wah, from Perak

3.3. Japanese order of battle during the Malayan Campaign, from Wikipedia.

4. Questions

4.1. Pre-war/starting of the war

4.1.1. 1 How did Japanese invaded Malaya?

4.1.2. 2 What happen to your hometown, Timoh, Kampar during that time?

4.1.3. 3 How was your life and how did you manage to get food during that time?

4.1.4. 4 As I know the battle happen in Kampar between Japanese and British army is the Battle of Kampar. So what happen to Kampar during the battle?

4.2. 1942~1945

4.2.1. 1 Did you participate in any force that fight against Japanese during that time?

4.2.2. 2 Do you know anything about the force that fight against the Japanese army?

4.2.3. 3 How did they (anti-Japanese army) fight back?

4.2.4. 4 How did they manage to get their weapon supply?

4.2.5. 5 In those three years, how did the Japanese treat you and the villagers ?

4.3. After war

4.3.1. 1 What did the Japanese army do after they surrendered?

4.3.2. 2 How was your life after the Japanese army surrendered ?

4.3.3. 3 What happen to the anti-Japanese army after British army come back to Malaya?