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Psychopathology by Mind Map: Psychopathology

1. Psychopathology Defined

1.1. Deviation from Social Norms

1.1.1. Limitations Cultural Variation Era Dependency Individualism

1.2. Failure to Function Adequately

1.2.1. Characteristics of FFA Observer Discomfort Personal Suffering / Distress Irrational Behaviour Unpredictability Maladaptiveness

1.2.2. Limitations Context Invisible Signs

1.3. Statistical Infrequency

1.3.1. Limitations Desirability of Behaviour Cultural Variation

1.4. Deviation from Ideal Mental Health

1.4.1. PRAISE Perception Resistance to Stress Autonomy Inner Aspiration Self Actualisation Environmental Mastery

1.4.2. Limitations Ethnocentric Varied Criteria

2. Behaviourist Approach to Phobias

2.1. EXP- DiNardo Study

2.2. Treatments

2.2.1. Systematic Desensitization In Vivo In Vitro

2.2.2. Flooding

2.2.3. Eval of treatments

3. Biological Approach to OCD

3.1. Treatments

3.1.1. Depression Tablets

3.1.2. SRI and SSRI Drugs

3.1.3. Evaluation of OCD Treatments Fast and Easy Enables and works with CBT Side Effects Relapse

4. Cognitive Approach to Depression

4.1. Beck's Triangle

4.2. Cognitive Biases

4.2.1. Minimization

4.2.2. Overgeneralisation

4.3. Ellis' alternate explanation

4.4. Treatments

4.4.1. CBT Identification Challenging Beliefs Setting Goals Applying Positivity Diary Graded Homework Assignments Behavioural Activation

5. Characteristics of Psychopathological Issues

5.1. Three Characteristic Types

5.1.1. Behavioural

5.1.2. Emotional

5.1.3. Cognitive

5.2. Phobias

5.2.1. Specific Phobias

5.2.2. Social Phobias

5.2.3. Agoraphobia

5.3. Depression

5.3.1. Poor appetite, weight loss or increased appetite, weight gain

5.3.2. Sleep difficulty or Over Sleeping

5.3.3. Loss of energy and tiredness

5.3.4. Body is slowed down or sped up

5.3.5. Loss of interest in regular activities social or sexual

5.3.6. Inability to concentrate or think clearly

5.3.7. Thoughts of death and suicide or suicidal behaviour

5.3.8. Sadness

5.4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)