Grade 10 Exams

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Grade 10 Exams by Mind Map: Grade 10 Exams

1. 10 IGCSE Exams 2016

1.1. 10 Exam 2015–16 important details

1.1.1. Student prep ideas over the break Prepare surfaces practice drawing - a unit maybe very prescribed possibly specific drawing tutorials Resources activities related to techniques using ipads to capture images for drawing

1.1.2. Parent communication to parents prior to the exam

1.1.3. ask K to make up a trolley of drawing materials to be available for the exam prep period Materials multiples of 40 wet media dry media - AO1 papers Check again

1.1.4. Reissue with new drawing materials for the exam Materials? water colours white gel pen black pens

1.1.5. What did we learn from the mocks students did well ao 1 students did not do well how do we support them? found the process difficult

1.1.6. Resources for the exam shortcuts exam prep tips

1.1.7. GRADE 9 3 artists with specific skills investigated

1.1.8. Need to update the 10 exam stuff with the new process not the old one focused on the Assessment Objectives.

1.2. Exam paper published 1st Feb

1.2.1. give to students

1.3. Exam tasks lesson by lesson 2016

1.4. Introduce the exam before the break (does not count for extra week and is too good not to give the students the chance

1.4.1. start exam proper on 15th Feb after CNY break

1.5. All Exam stuff needs to be to Vani by the 19th May

1.6. all works submitted to Edexcel by the last day of May.

1.7. Exam TT from Vani

1.7.1. Date 12-13 April graphics – 14-15 April Art

1.8. Catch up weekend sessions


1.9. Reissue with new drawing materials for the exam

1.9.1. Materials? water colours white gel pen black pens

1.9.2. Kel Win has been asked to resupply

1.10. Before exam unit (5 weeks)

1.11. Clashes

1.12. Pre-exam unit

1.13. Student Assessment Instrument folders for exams

1.14. What does the exam look like?

1.15. Edexcel dates