Apple v PC - what is best for Financial Advisers?

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Apple v PC - what is best for Financial Advisers? by Mind Map: Apple v PC - what is best for Financial Advisers?

1. Industry programes?

1.1. Voyant

1.2. FE Analytics

1.3. SelectaPension

1.4. Dimensional Returns

1.5. Unipass

2. What are the issues?

2.1. Data protection

2.2. Theft/disaster recovery

2.3. Access & Mobility

2.4. Cost of software / hardware

3. Where is data held?

3.1. List current data locations

3.1.1. Decktop PC hard drive(s)

3.1.2. Network Server Office based or hosted in a virtual environment

3.1.3. Laptop hard drive(s)

3.1.4. Mobile phone Android Apple Windows

3.1.5. iPad or Tablet Android Apple Windows

3.1.6. Paper

3.1.7. Cloud storage File storage programs Evernote Box Dropbox Google Drive Data within Web only apps CRMs Accounting packages Email clients Calendar Project management Presentations

3.2. Data security

3.2.1. Safe and secure

3.2.2. Meets data laws

4. How do I want to access this data?

4.1. In the office?

4.2. On the road?

4.3. Just me?

4.4. My staff?

4.5. External people?

5. Short list?

5.1. Windows?

5.2. iOS?

5.3. Browser?

6. Outcomes?

6.1. Data security is paramount

6.2. Cloud / managed server best

6.3. No single hardware / OS solution will meet all needs

6.4. There is no single solution!