Who would be the audience for your media product & how did you attract your audience?

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Who would be the audience for your media product & how did you attract your audience? by Mind Map: Who would be the audience for your media product & how did you attract your audience?

1. Knives and other violent imagery

1.1. This is usually, but not always associated with the male gender. Statistically men like horror movies more than women, and they also like action and more- so more violent imagery attracts them.

1.2. In our own investigation, we discovered that 66.7% of men watch horror movies over those of another gender. Therefore men would be the audience.

1.2.1. Relatable male protagonist so that people immerse themselves with the film and enjoy the character development.

1.3. In one study males liked a horror movie more when they saw it with a female who was scared, and females liked the movie more when they saw it with a male who wasn’t scared

1.3.1. Attractive male lead for females to propel them to want to watch it too.

1.4. Thrill seekers want to see some tension and build-up.

1.4.1. We had the two moments of him being attacked and drawing the knife for it to be thrill packed., light flashes and white noise for satisfaction of tension.

2. Rated 15

2.1. Fifteen to 18 year olds are a massive three years of people who could come see our film. Therefore we wanted to attract them by rating ours a 15.

2.2. Our film is also very technology based with Julian holding a camera several times and we would explore social media slightly in the film so this may be relatable.

2.2.1. Advertising the film through popular social media and sharing with friends is how we attracted the audiience

2.3. Many films of this type (psychological and supernatural) are classed as 15, due to lack of explicit content e.g. The Babadook

2.3.1. Increasing beliefs in supernatural in pop culture means that it will be frightening, encouraging other people to go see it.

3. Young Adults

3.1. Older people do not like horror as much as the younger generation as they seek thrills

3.1.1. Using the common premise of a supernatural creature that is popular today to try to attract people to come see it..

3.2. There is a lot of dark themes explored in this which means it my not be appealing for younger people e.g. Mental disorder

3.2.1. This attracts people as we are using current cultural problems and this may attract viral campaigns.

3.3. We chose this younger audience as we know ourselves what we like as we are that audience.

3.4. If we like it then other peers will like it too.

3.4.1. When doing our own questionnaire, our peers liked horror movies a lot more than others (58.3%)

3.4.2. Simple premise that anyone can understand

3.5. Average character for audience to be able to relate with Julian

4. Found Footage or Handheld lover

4.1. We wanted to embrace this kind of genre, but we also wanted it to be original so we took elements and put it in ours.

4.2. By doing this fans of this sub-genre will enjoy our film and seek it

4.2.1. We made the hand held camera footage have the recording button flash and white noise added to add realism.

4.3. It is a smaller market but more and more people are enjoying these films as times go on, looking or an immersive experience

4.4. Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project and other successful films follow this format too, so we knew there was an audience for it.

4.4.1. High concept film- possible sequels?