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Make instrument practice great! by Mind Map: Make instrument practice great!

1. Your child comes to the instrument willingly every day

1.1. Child has to be dragged, bribed, threatened to come to instrument

1.2. Child comes to instrument unwillingly and not looking forward to it

1.3. (Note the promise is NOT that child will do practice without you or anything crazy like that)

2. You will get value for the $1000s you spend on music lessons

2.1. You are not sure if the money spent on music instruction lessons is worth it - wondering whether to stop or do something else

3. You will look forward to your child's daily instrument practice

3.1. There are days you dread instrument practice as much as the child

3.2. You devote a lot of brain space to where and when instrument practice will take place and that frustrates you!

4. Your child's progress on their instrument will accelerate (how much?)

4.1. Child is not progressing with instrument

5. Step 2: Overcoming obstacles to getting to practice

5.1. Before breakfast or after dinner EVERY day

5.2. When, then (dessert, tv, board game)

6. Step 4: Overcoming obstacles during practice

6.1. Giving child the power/choices

6.2. Reduce telling - ask them to listen for correction

6.3. Catch them doing something right all the time

6.4. Reward attitude and learning approach

6.5. Don't ask for more than the plan

6.6. Discuss the plan before you start, discuss each piece and what we are looking for (tone, rhythm etc) before each piece

6.7. Always finish on a positive note (however small)

6.8. Where to sit

6.9. Use of recordings for listening, duets

7. Step 3: Practice Planning - How to get it right

7.1. Balance between comfort zone and learning zone

7.2. Combination of review, new, technical, etc

7.3. Set time limit based on available time, focus ability

7.4. Go for small and successful, not long and frustrating

8. Step 1: Getting the most out of lesson time

8.1. Handling a tired/hungry uncooperative child

8.2. Handling a child who has a bad day with playing

8.3. Video activities, or teacher playing for use during home practice

9. Pricing

9.1. USD 199

9.1.1. Lifetime access to all modules and videos

9.1.2. Downloadable workbook

9.1.3. PDF version of "Daily Practice Plan"

9.2. USD 249

9.2.1. Facebook Group Membership

9.2.2. Ask Jane email coaching

9.2.3. Copy of Jane's "Daily Practice Plan" with free international shipping

9.2.4. Extra copies available at discounted rate with free shipping

10. Marketing

10.1. Drive to free give away

10.2. 3 video series FREE for email address

10.3. Then opportunity to enrol

10.3.1. 5 or 10 day launch WITH DEADLINE

10.3.2. Evergreen format (use convert kit) - individual launch timeframes (Mon - Sun, recurring)

10.4. Use lead pages

10.5. "OMG if this is the free stuff, I can't imagine how cool the course is going to be, I have to enrol!"