Migration and Chronic Poverty

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Migration and Chronic Poverty by Mind Map: Migration and Chronic Poverty

1. Migration

1.1. Cause and consequence of chronic poverty

1.1.1. people who moved

1.1.2. people who stay behind

2. Negative effects

2.1. People who stay behind

2.1.1. Neglect family responsibilities.

2.1.2. Female-headed households.

3. Necessities

3.1. Countries need to suply secundary data

3.1.1. Studies of those who stay

3.1.2. Studies of those who move out of poverty

4. The role of migration in chronic poverty

4.1. Social exclusion

4.1.1. Decisions are affected by the stock of capitals

4.1.2. Discrimination, injustice, marginalisation

4.2. Poverty-related capitals

4.2.1. Social, cultural, human, geographical,economic and political.

4.3. Social relations

4.3.1. Migrants cannot move for domestic or familial obligations.

4.3.2. Subsequent generations could reap the benefits.

5. Support migration

5.1. Goverments or donors discourage

5.1.1. perceived as a social and economic opportunity.

5.1.2. A constraint to development activities.