Non-curren assets

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Non-curren assets by Mind Map: Non-curren assets

1. Capital and revenue expenditure

1.1. Capital expenditure

1.1.1. Not charge as an expense in PL

1.1.2. Result in aquisition of non current assets

1.1.3. recognised of a non-current asset BS

1.2. revenue expenditure

1.2.1. For the purpose of the trade of the businesss

1.2.2. Maintaining the existing earning capacity or non current asset

2. Tangible non current assets

2.1. Capital and revenue income

2.1.1. Capital income proceed from the sale of non trading asset

2.1.2. revenue income the sale of trading asset provision of service interest and dividents received from investment held by business

2.2. bought by the business for continuing use, with physical form

2.3. recognition in the account

2.3.1. Propable to bring future economic benefits

2.3.2. the cost can be measured realiably

2.4. Subsequent expenditure

2.5. Depreciation

2.5.1. = (cost -residual value)/expected useful life

2.6. revaluation of non current asset

2.7. Disposal

3. Intangible non current assets

3.1. Disclosure in FS

3.1.1. Additionals

3.1.2. Disposals

3.1.3. increase/decrease from revaluations

3.1.4. Reductions in carrying amount

3.1.5. Depreciation

3.1.6. Any other movements

3.2. Definition

3.2.1. research

3.2.2. Development

3.2.3. Amortisation

3.3. Research cost and development cost

3.4. Disclosure in FS

3.4.1. Additionals

3.4.2. Disposals

3.4.3. reductions in carrying amount

3.4.4. Armotisation

3.4.5. Any other movement