Environmental issues

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Environmental issues by Mind Map: Environmental issues

1. Global warming

1.1. surface temp risen 1.8 Fahrenheit within century

1.2. 48 states in 2015 second warmest in record

1.3. human made emissions

2. oil spills

2.1. Animals die

2.2. Macondo wellhead, located around 5,000 feet beneath the oceans surface, leaked 3.19 million barrels, 130 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico, making it the largest accidental oil spill in history.

2.3. 8,000 birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals were found injured or dead within the 6 months after the spill.

2.4. Dispersant helps expose more of the oil to bacteria and waves which help bacteria break down oil in molecular level but converts into carbon dioxide, increasing global warming.

2.5. destroys marine life and ecosystem

2.6. Pelicans were black with oil, fish were bellied up in brown sludge, and turtles with smothered with oil due to the spill.

2.7. billions of dollars lost.

3. drought

3.1. 11 trillion gallons below sea level

3.2. decreased ground water

3.3. limited amount of snow and rain

3.4. lowered food supply

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