New Students Get Involved

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New Students Get Involved by Mind Map: New Students Get Involved

1. Non-Technology

1.1. be accepting

1.2. make new friends

1.2.1. be open to new people

1.3. Join clubs, activites

1.3.1. Football Club Chess

2. Print

2.1. News letter

2.1.1. Activites Events

2.1.2. sports meets/games

2.2. Articles on how your first year will be experienced

2.3. Graduation rate and College Acceptaions

3. Video

3.1. Slideshow of campus

3.1.1. quad

3.1.2. cafeteria

3.1.3. locker

3.2. someone saying go redcats

3.3. advice to new students

3.4. F.A.M.I.L.Y acronym

3.5. together we're redcats