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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. circuits

1.1. series

1.1.1. Voltage is shared

1.1.2. Current is the same everywhere.

1.1.3. If one bulb goes out, so does the other.

1.2. parallel

1.2.1. Voltage is the same for all branches

1.2.2. Current is shared.

1.2.3. If one bulb goes out, the other/s will stay on.

2. current

2.1. Measured in amps (amperes)

2.2. Is a flow of charged particles.

2.3. Conductors let current flow.

2.4. Insulators stop current from flowing.

3. charges

3.1. positive

3.2. negative

3.3. Like (same) charges repel (push away).

3.4. Unlike (different) charges attract.

4. static

4.1. Electrons rubbed from one thing to another.

4.2. Charges can't move so charge builds up.

4.3. Charges move when circuit completed-shocks, sparks.

5. resistance

5.1. Makes if hard for particles to move.

5.2. The more resistance the smaller the current.

6. electromagnets

6.1. Wire coil and an iron bar with a current going through.