Johnny Tremain: Growing and learning how a "man can stand up"

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Johnny Tremain: Growing and learning how a "man can stand up" by Mind Map: Johnny Tremain: Growing and learning how a "man can stand up"

1. Prompts

1.1. How does "pride goeth before a fall" for Johnny? How does that change the course of his life?

1.2. James Ottis talks about fighting so that "all men can stand up." What does this phrase mean in relation to Johnny? The colonists fighting? The American Revolution? Does this phrase still apply today? Why or why not.

1.3. Describe Johnny's relationships throughout the book. How and why does he change?

2. Turning Points

2.1. Johnny burns his hand

2.1.1. Johnny is no longer the best silersmith; his livelihood has literally burned up - he no longer has a life or a trade.

2.2. Boston Tea Party

2.2.1. This was the first action Johnny could be a part of shortly before the beginning of the American Revolution

2.3. Rab dies

2.3.1. Johnny realizes that he needs to carry on the legacy for Rab; needs to make sure that what Rab was fighting for and defending came true: so that "man can stand up"

3. Important Relationships

3.1. Cilla

3.1.1. At first, Cilla is just a girl he is supposed to marry, and someone he can't be bothered with. Then he realizes (with the help of Rab) that Cilla is probably the most important person in his life - someone that he loves

3.2. Rab

3.2.1. Johnny meets Rab and instantly likes him; Rab gives him a job, shares his food, and houses him He is the true friend that Johnny never had...but now does. His manner is kind and stoic.

3.3. Laphams/Lytes

3.3.1. Laphams: the family who took him in to teach him the trade of silversmithing. Warned him against being prideful Lytes: Johnny's supposed family. Does not treat him like family; gets him arrested.

4. Changes in character

4.1. Johnny must learn how to treat people as an equal

4.1.1. "STANDS UP": learns that he can't just walk all over people because he thinks hes better. No one is better than anyone else

4.2. Realizes the value of his relationship with Cilla and Rab

4.2.1. "STANDS UP" : he tells Cilla how he feels about her; lets Rab seem him at his "worst

4.3. Finally wants to help mankind; no longer acts selfish

4.3.1. "STANDS UP": for himself, for the good of mankind