GS Invitation, Registration & Mass Email Trade Study

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GS Invitation, Registration & Mass Email Trade Study by Mind Map: GS Invitation, Registration & Mass Email Trade Study

1. Event Management / Training Team Requirements

1.1. Targeted Invitation

1.1.1. Only those invited may register

1.1.2. Recipients may not forward invites

1.1.3. Attendee records get created before invite

1.2. Public Invitation

1.2.1. Anybody may register

1.2.2. Recipients may forward invites

1.2.3. Attendee records get created during registration

1.3. User Group Meeting Requirements

1.3.1. Targeted (not Public) Invitation

1.3.2. Needs Registration solution & tracking

1.4. Evaluations

1.4.1. Requested a survey monkey account

1.4.2. currently using Google Forms

1.4.3. Can we use GetSatisfaction

1.5. Requests to GSTT from internal

1.5.1. Resource Requests Doesn't need a Class record Documentation Videos Bridge Support

1.5.2. Training Delivery Request Requests for Training itself Demonstration New prospective partners New Functionality not hands-on

2. Products Currently Used by GrantSolutions

2.1. GS Training Tracker

2.1.1. Invitation AND Registration solution

2.1.2. Uses SF Contacts as Directory

2.1.3. 100% native Salesforce

2.1.4. SPT custom-built in Sep 2013

2.1.5. Operational steps Create target recipient list in Contacts Add Contact list to Class record as Class Attendees Invite Attendees w/link to Registration page Attendee clicks link, registers, Attendee record is updated

2.2. EventBrite

2.2.1. Uses its own Contact Directory (GS contacts have to be export/imported

2.2.2. Allows public invitation & registration

2.2.3. GS uses for public invitation webinars; sends Adobe Connect link in invite

2.2.4. GS owns free account

2.2.5. Minus: cannot customize or hide EventBrite ads

2.3. Adobe Connect

2.3.1. Web-meeting software tool

2.3.2. No invitation function

2.3.3. Anybody with the link can join

2.3.4. GS owns paid account

2.3.5. GS uses for webinar delivery

2.3.6. Has a 100-attendee limit

2.4. Go To

2.4.1. Web-meeting software tool

2.4.2. GS owns paid account

2.4.3. Go To Webinar GS uses for webinar delivery When attendee list > 100 Single URL for invitation / register Then a unique URL to attend More difficult for customers to attend

2.4.4. Go To Meeting Anybody with the link can join

2.5. Campaign Monitor

2.5.1. Mass email tool only

2.5.2. No event registration function

2.5.3. Uses its own contact directory

2.5.4. Nice HTML templates for building invitation content

2.5.5. Current CM Architecture Is there an opt-in yes, on Not on the newsletter, but want it Is there an opt-out yes, one-click unsubscribe Pain Points no auto-add of new Partners/Staff Template builder Multiple Recip Lists How is the recipient directory managed? 10? Grantee Grantor Grant Staff Grantor Program Office Rockville Staff Disruption lists 6/15/16 Templates CM Template Builder GS-created Templates Sign up Forms Subscribe button Link to a Subscribe Page Copy to website

3. Customer & User Directories

3.1. Customers

3.1.1. GS Ecosystem

3.1.2. Salesforce

3.1.3. Campaign Monitor?

3.2. Internal Staff



4. Salesforce Email Facts

4.1. Define Email Count Limits

4.1.1. Mass Email Limits 1 email has a max of 5000 recips / day You can send mass email to a maximum of 5,000 external email addresses per day per org based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The single and mass email limits don't take unique addresses into account. For example, if you have [email protected] in your email 10 times, that counts as 10 against the limit. You can send an unlimited amount of email to your org’s internal users, which includes portal users. You can send mass emails only to contacts, person accounts, leads, and your org’s internal users.

4.1.2. SF Internal Email Composer single email doesn't count against API limit max of 100 recips in To max of 25 in cc & bcc

5. Email Capabilities Requirements

5.1. Newsletters

5.1.1. Requirements Directory list leverage organic SF directory where possible when new GMM users / SF Contacts get created, get them onto the Newsletter list Opt-in, inside the newsletter Opt-in on the website Prevent duplicates of a single email addy Multiple Lists HTML Editor Easily customizable Robust Template builder Robust editor Non-vendor Branding Place images anywhere Text flexibility Metrics Reporting Open rate

6. 2018 1005 SPT GSTT Meeting