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Scenario 3: John by Mind Map: Scenario 3: John

1. Social Interaction

1.1. Rude to teachers/peers (threw a chair)

1.2. Friends think he is a bully and hence stay away from him (basketball incident)

1.3. Interacts with parents only when asked questions

1.4. Immerses himself in gaming until wee hours in the morning

2. Academic

2.1. Failing grades, cannot perform

2.2. Low-self esteem

2.3. Used to do well in lower Primary. However since divorce, has been failing

2.4. Subject interest > english

2.5. Lack of SELF-MOTIVATION (given up on himself)

3. Family Support

3.1. Lack of fatherly figure

3.2. No shared custody

3.3. Divorced parents