Joe McCall's Wholesaling Lease Options Review

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Joe McCall's Wholesaling Lease Options Review by Mind Map: Joe McCall's Wholesaling Lease Options Review

1. 2) What You'll Get

1.1. Fast Start Training

1.1.1. Main Mindmap for Lease Options

1.1.2. A Few Introductory Webinars

1.2. 8 Main Video Training Modules

1.2.1. Mod 1: Intro, It's a Business, Market Research

1.2.2. Mod 2: Seller Marketing (Part 1)

1.2.3. Mod 3: Seller Marketing (Part 2)

1.2.4. Mod 4: Talking to Sellers (Part 1)

1.2.5. Mod 5: Talking to Sellers (Part 2)

1.2.6. Mod 6: Walking Through An Example Deal

1.2.7. Mod 7: Selling the House

1.2.8. Mod 8: Other Resources

1.3. Tools & Docs

1.3.1. Contracts to Use with National Attorney

1.3.2. Contracts to Use to Do it Yourself

1.3.3. Video Training How to Use the Contracts

1.4. Bonus Training

1.4.1. Virtual Assistant Resource Center

1.4.2. Podio Training (Free CRM)

1.4.3. Flipping Houses While on Vacation

1.4.4. Control Without Ownership Summit Videos

1.4.5. Saturday Bootcamp Videos

1.4.6. Fast Cash Survival Kit

1.4.7. How I Do All My Marketing - Special Webinar

1.4.8. How to Flip Hard to Flip Properties

1.4.9. Lease Purchase GUTS with Claude Diamond

1.4.10. Leads in an Hour

2. 1) Best at

2.1. Best Video Training on the Market Hands Down

2.2. Best Training to Fully Automate your Entire RE Business with Complete Control

2.3. Best Training for Hiring Virtual Assisstant's Under $3 / hour.

2.4. Best Systems to Find Free Leads & Have them Calling You

3. 3) Pro's / Con's

3.1. Pro's

3.1.1. Step by Step Screen Recordings

3.1.2. Most Comprehensive Training on the Market

3.1.3. Large Portion of Business is Based on Free Leads

3.1.4. Provides Lawyer & Paperwork so you Don't have to worry about doing anything wrong for 1st deal

3.1.5. Best Training for Doing Actual Market Research and Choosing your Target Areas

3.1.6. He gives you Basically everything He has ever created or taught regarding the subject

3.2. Con's

3.2.1. Script

3.2.2. Alot of Info (Also a Pro)

3.2.3. Virtual Assistant

4. 4) Who It's For / Not For

4.1. For

4.1.1. You're ready to Go All in and give Lease Option Investing a try and want the Best Video Training on the Market

4.1.2. Like having Customizable Options

4.1.3. Like the Idea of Your System Running with or without You

4.2. Not For

4.2.1. If you Want an Exact Script of What to Say

4.2.2. If you dont own a Computer or are Highly Intimidated by them.

5. 5) Alternative Courses

5.1. This is Best LO Course IMO

5.2. Automation without VA

5.2.1. Joe Crump - Push Button AutoMarketer

5.3. Live in Texas

5.3.1. John Jackson

5.4. Subject To & Owner Finance Deals

5.4.1. Ron Legrand - Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System

5.4.2. Joe Crump - Push Button AutoMarketer

5.5. Script Wanted

5.5.1. Joe Crump - Push Button Automarketer

5.5.2. Wendy Paton - Buying on Lease Options

6. 6) Value

6.1. If I Paid $2,000 I still would've felt I got my Money's worth.

6.2. This is $2,000 of Value that Sells for $1,000, that Joe puts on Sale from time to time and sells at a Good Discount.

6.3. Click Here to See if Joe is Running any Specials