MEV Project Mind Map

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MEV Project Mind Map by Mind Map: MEV Project Mind Map

1. Short-Term Gap Closure Roadmap

1.1. Automated Status Report

1.1.1. Ideal Report Settings File type .csv .xlsx .xls Delivery Channel Email Trigger settings Pushed to a specified email address Daily interval (maybe 7 A.M.?)

1.1.2. Ideal Data Fields

1.1.3. Exploring the viability of generating an automated 'master status report' through business objects

1.2. Better understand possible approaches for importing Material Releases into SAP

1.2.1. Identify all available 'free fields' within the order entry process that meet the observed data attribute criteria Average amount of extra fields needed Standard character length Data points typically entail special characters such as dashes and periods

1.2.2. Identify any/all methods for feeding or importing material release requests into SAP through .xls format

1.2.3. Develop mapping procedure to align data with necessary SAP fields

1.3. Understand segmented invoicing capabilities

1.4. Automated batch loading POD's

1.5. Automated batch loading packing slips

2. Meeting Notes

2.1. Meeting

2.1.1. Notes

2.2. Meeting

2.2.1. Presentation

2.2.2. Action Items Schedule sample report to be automatically emailed to Edward Identify data points still needing an appropriate SAP field Explore potential options for importing material releases into SAP

2.2.3. Meeting 2 Progress Automated Sample BO Report Test Current Success Next Steps

2.3. Meeting 3

3. Automated Report

3.1. Data Fields

3.1.1. WBS CD MEV Field 1

3.1.2. Customer Part #

3.1.3. Cable Release # MEV Field 2

3.1.4. MTO QTY MEV Field 3

3.1.5. Request QTY

3.1.6. Description

3.1.7. MFG PN

3.1.8. MFG ZVA05: PO Vendor Name (Column AR)

3.1.9. Date Required by Construction

3.1.10. Date Material Ordered

3.1.11. Date Requested by KBR ZVA05: Document Date (Column J)

3.1.12. EST Ship Date ZVA05: Estimated Ship Date (Column AL)

3.1.13. Actual Ship Date ZVPOQ: Actual del (Column S)

3.1.14. Ship From Location

3.1.15. Carrier ZVPOQ: Carrier name (Column R)

3.1.16. Pro# ZVPOQ: Delivery Doc (Column A)

3.1.17. KBR Release # "Material Release #" on Invoice

3.1.18. KBR Drawing Reference # "KBR Drawing Ref #" on Invoice

4. Reference Docs

4.1. ZVPOQ

4.2. ZVA05

4.3. KBR Label Input Map

4.4. Invoice Example