Intel Education: Free Teaching Resources, Tools

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Intel Education: Free Teaching Resources, Tools by Mind Map: Intel Education: Free Teaching Resources, Tools

1. Intel Teach Elements

1.1. Moving Into Mobile Learning

1.2. Creativity in the Mobile Classroom

1.3. Designing Blended Learning

1.4. Inquiry in the Science Classroom

1.5. Thinking Critically with Data

1.6. Project-Based Approaches

1.7. Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

2. Teachers Engage Community

3. 21st Century Thinking Tools

3.1. Visual Ranking Tool

3.2. Showing Evidence Tool

3.3. Seeing Reason Tool

3.4. Workspace

4. Girls and Women In STEM

4.1. MakeHers Report

4.2. Girls Who Code

4.3. NCWIT AspireIT Program

4.4. A Faster Charge in Your Phone's Future

4.5. Something in the Air

4.6. Algae Girl Tops Intel Science Talent Search

5. Makers

5.1. Orientation Visualizer

5.2. Heart-Rate Monitor with Arduino 101* Board

5.3. Build your own Counter with Arduino

5.4. Tools for Educators

5.5. Developing for the Internet of Things

5.6. Intel Developer Zone

5.7. Intel IoT Developer Kit

6. Intel Education Mobile Learning

6.1. Introduction to Mobile Learning

6.2. Powerful Opportunities, Powerful Results

6.3. Getting Started with Apps, Ideas, and More

6.4. Moving into Mobile Learning

6.5. Creativity in the Mobile Classroom

7. 21st Century Teaching Resources

7.1. Assessing Projects

7.2. Designing Effective Projects

7.3. Intel Education Help Guide

8. Intel Education STEM Resources for K12

8.1. Making a Difference

8.2. Forensics

8.3. Choreographing Math

8.4. Energy Innovations

8.5. Phabulous Physics

8.6. Grow a Business

8.7. Space

9. Using Tablets?

9.1. Instant Online Help

9.2. Intel Education Help Guide

9.3. Help In the School

9.4. Help for English-Language Learners

9.5. Learning Windows 8 and 8.1 Apps

9.6. How Intel Education Guide Works