Wilhemina's War

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Wilhemina's War by Mind Map: Wilhemina's War

1. Stats

1.1. More with HIV in South than New York & San Francisco

1.2. 65,000 per year diagnosed with HIV

1.3. List of Countries with HIV/AIDS

1.4. State of Minnesota HIV AIDS Statistics

2. Characters

2.1. Toni Dicks

2.1.1. IV Drug User

2.1.2. Dayshal Dicks

2.2. Wilhelmina Dicks

3. Caring for the Sick

3.1. Rights of the AIDS Patient

3.2. Social Security Check to go towards nursing home

3.3. Rural versus Urban Setting

3.4. No reimbursement for HIV/AIDS Drugs

3.4.1. When patients are in hospice care

3.4.2. The right with dignity

3.4.3. Assisted suicide

3.5. Moving to a different state for care?

4. The Disease Itself

4.1. The Social Stigma

4.1.1. Why might people ignore the fact that catching HIV/AIDS can happen?

4.2. HIV

4.2.1. Symptoms

4.3. AIDS

4.3.1. One third of those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS die within 5 years.

4.3.2. Higher mortality rate than any other developed nation in the world.

4.4. Do people care about how a person got the disease?

4.4.1. Who is most likely to acquire HIV?

4.5. Resulting Depression

4.5.1. People don't want to Talk Discuss Have a relationship with Fear of catching the disease

4.5.2. People Lack of knowledge

4.6. Incubation Period

4.6.1. 6 months

4.6.2. The time that passed before you may show symptoms.

5. Prevention of HIV/AIDS

5.1. Education

5.2. Physical solutions

5.2.1. Abstinence

5.2.2. Proper use of a condom