Favorite Foods

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Favorite Foods by Mind Map: Favorite Foods

1. Pozole

1.1. I eat it on special occasions.

1.2. Consume at home

1.3. mom makes it

1.4. Mexican soup

1.5. recipe

1.5.1. depending on how you like you may make it different

1.6. not healthy

2. Enchiladas

2.1. eat on special occasions

2.2. mom makes it at home

2.3. Mexican food

2.4. beef

2.5. recipe

2.6. mom soaks in oil

2.7. mom doesn't put them in the oven

2.8. no health benefits

3. Cheeseburgers

3.1. In-n-out

3.2. hardly eat it

3.3. not so healthy

3.4. favorite hamburgers are from in-n-out

3.5. recipe