Which Lease Option Training to Choose?

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Which Lease Option Training to Choose? by Mind Map: Which Lease Option Training to Choose?

1. Claude Diamond

1.1. Best 1 on 1 Weekly Coaching Program

1.1.1. Coaching Program Includes all of His Training Material

1.2. Best at Having Fun Talking to Sellers

1.2.1. GUTS Method

2. 1) Joe McCall

2.1. Most Extensive Video Training (Over 100 Hours)

2.2. Best Step by Step Screen Recording of How Joe Does His Marketing

2.3. Best Step by Step Marketing Plan

2.4. Best Customizable Automated System

3. Jim Aydelotte

3.1. Most Currently Active Lease Option Only Investor

3.2. Student of Wendy Patton, currently uses her Course & Documents.

3.3. Highly Anticipated Program coming soon.

3.4. Most Affordable Group Monthly Coaching Service

4. John Jackson

4.1. Most Simple Contracts

4.2. Only Contracts to Use if in Texas

4.3. Best Email Templates

5. Wendy Patton

5.1. Good Script for Starters

5.2. Best for Networking with Realtors

5.3. Best for Sandwich Lease Options

6. Eli G

6.1. Best Training for First Timers to Get 1st Contract

6.2. Over 100 Recorded Seller Calls with 11 Leading to Contracts

7. 2) Joe Crump

7.1. Best All In One Automated Package to Get Your Phone Ringing Tomorrow

7.2. 4 Pre Made Websites

7.2.1. Buyer, Seller, Property, FSBO

7.3. Pre Made Email Auto Responder

7.3.1. Over 50 Emails already Written

7.4. Good Script for Sellers

8. 4) Keith & Shannon French

8.1. Most Thorough Contracts that Protect both Buyer & Seller

8.2. Teach How to Create Escrow Company to Handle Tenant Buyer Deposit

8.3. Best for Certain States

9. 3) Ron Legrand

9.1. Best Full Service RE Investor

9.1.1. Pretty House Subject To Owner Finance Lease Options Options

9.1.2. Ugly House Rehabs Wholesales

9.2. Best Deal Analysis Coaching

9.3. Best Scripts with If This then That