I will be exploring Drama Therapy.

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I will be exploring Drama Therapy. by Mind Map: I will be exploring Drama Therapy.

1. How can drama therapy be used in a clinical practice

1.1. I will need information about how different clinicians utilize this as a tool.

1.2. Research into disorders, or problems that are best helped by this therapeutic tool is needed.

1.2.1. videos of sessions, peer reviewed articles, research papers, books, online resources via open web, and databases

2. What is the history of applied theater as used in a therapeutic setting?

2.1. I will need to know a few different types of applied theater techniques.

2.2. Checking into some background about theater techniques and their creators will help.

2.2.1. Books on Applied Theater, Drama History books, online resources, magazine articles

3. What are some types of applied theater that are used regularly?

3.1. The names and descriptions of different types of applied theater that are commonly used by clinicians should be established.

3.2. Research of organizations or facilities that use these techniques and how will be needed.

3.2.1. Periodicals, online journals, psychology peer reviewed articles

4. How does drama therapy, or applied theater work in a therapy setting?

4.1. Information on current practices that use drama therapy, and how would be key.

4.2. Ancedotal descriptions of experiences of patients and clinicians would be good.

4.2.1. Patient reviews and narratives, field specific articles, or journals, books, online resources

5. What extra training is required of clinicians who use applied theater in therapy?

5.1. I will research trainings and certifications for mental health clinicians using applied theater

5.2. I would like to know what post graduate programs focus in this area

5.2.1. College or University offerings in this area, professional journals, books, online resources