Presenting the Research Paper

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Presenting the Research Paper by Mind Map: Presenting the Research Paper

1. Divorce

1.1. First start with mentioning why women are being divorced (men are leaving the country).

1.2. Give statistics about the divorce rates, and also mention that the real percentage is probably much worse because many marriages are not registered.

1.3. Fators:

1.3.1. Men stay away for a long time and are pressured to make money for the family.

1.3.2. Husbands find new partners.

1.3.3. Mention that a reason is also that they can divorce really easily, or that they are not even officially married,

1.4. Use Aziza Kobilova as the example for this section.

1.5. Women get less respected after they get divorced/abandoned and are usually less respected.

2. Polygamy

2.1. Mention polygamy before the Soviet Union, during the Soviet Union, and the situation now.

2.2. Polygamy is illegal in Tajikistan.

2.3. Mention the reason why polygamy has reemerged.

2.3.1. Imbalance of men and women.

2.3.2. Women have no or little education Are dependent on support. Chose to be a second or third wife.

2.4. Ruzigul as an example for the section,.

2.5. Mention my own thoughts about polygamy and why it is the wrong decisions

3. Work

3.1. Start with saying that the majority of women stay at home. Give general information about how the general life is structured.

3.2. Women labor migration.

3.2.1. Exposed to trafficking and other abuse.

3.3. Children sent to orphanages.

3.3.1. Loik's story

3.4. Women in other regions of Tajikistan usually work with cotton.

3.4.1. Children are taken out of school to help work.

4. Introduction

4.1. Thank everyone for coming to the presentation of the research paper.

4.2. Mention what my research paper topic is ("What happens to Tajik women when their husbands leave the country for work")

4.3. Why I wrote this paper and why I chose this specific topic.

4.4. Map of Tajikistan.

4.5. Do an introduction, mentioning the Soviet Union and the civil war.

4.6. Mention Tajikistan's economic state (as well as the migration problem) so that the listeners are able to understand the situation better. It will flow nicely into the "Divorce" section.

5. Presentation

5.1. I want to present the paper through Power Point

5.2. In the presentation I will mention the main points and factors, as well as the quotes and personal examples that I already included in the paper.

5.3. I want to include pictures, maps, tables and diagrams to visualize it more. Either I'll make some of the diagrams or I'll take them from the internet.

5.4. The presentation will show the main points of the speech.

6. Conclusion

6.1. Recap the issues that women face and what is being done about these issues.

6.2. Ask if anyone has questions.

7. What is being Done?

7.1. Mention the several organizations that are working on improving women's lives in Tajikistan.

7.2. Include each one in the slide show and give overview of what they are doing in Tajikistan and what they have accomplished.