Christian Spirituality

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Christian Spirituality by Mind Map: Christian Spirituality

1. Key Spiritualities

1.1. Ecclesiology

1.1.1. Study of the Christian Church

1.1.2. Origins of Christianity

1.1.3. Salvation, polity, discipline, destiny, and leadership

1.2. Paschal Mystery

1.2.1. We cannot focus too much on suffering, death, and ressurection

1.2.2. Mystery of death, suffering and transformation

1.2.3. How we receive new life and new spirit after experiencing some sort of death Various deaths Terminal Death Paschal Death Many experiences

1.2.4. Process of transformation Challenges us to take action

1.3. Justice and Peacemaking

1.3.1. Act justly and love tenderly - then you can walk humbly

1.3.2. Private Charity and social justice PC - care for the homeless SJ - looks at political, economic, social, cultural, religious, and mythical which we live in.

1.3.3. Charity appeals to the rich

1.4. Sexuality

1.4.1. Madness from Gods

1.4.2. Sexuality is a power

1.4.3. Mature Sexuality When a person looks at what he/she helped create, and swells in delight

1.4.4. Healthy Sexuality Single most powerful vehicle that leads us to joy and selflessness

1.4.5. We need to understand it How can we channel this energy?

1.5. Sustaining Ourselves in the Spiritual Life

1.5.1. Involving yourself in the communtiy

1.5.2. Controlling yours sexual self

1.5.3. Always improving your spiritual life

2. The Situation

2.1. What is Spirituality

2.1.1. How we channel our Eros Desire Lays in the center of our lives and prevents us from ever finding true peace in life Stronger than satisfaction Forever obsessed Every human life

2.1.2. Zest for living

2.2. Current Struggles

2.2.1. Naivete Learn how to channel your desires Do not let your energy dominate you like a playground bully Depression and inflation are apart of life God's energy is associated with religions and sexual energy

2.2.2. Distracted Because all energy is divine, there are many distractions in life We will only fully enjoy life when we stop wanting something else or worrying about something Society has adapted from past experiences We are not spiritually balanced

2.2.3. Unbalanced We are prone to over analyze everything, therefore breaking everything apart and separating their elements 5 Divorces Going towards a Spiritual Christianity Problem with direction Path of Eternal Life

3. Essential Outline

3.1. Nonnegotiable Essentials

3.1.1. Private Prayer and Private Morality Talk about religion and social justice issues as according to the bible Praying is the key to improve your spiritual life But not necessary to improve your relationship with God

3.1.2. Social Justice Social justice should be looked in accordance with the bible Small and venial sins don't matter in God's eyes

3.1.3. Mellowness of the heart and spirit Most important Do not be hypocritical Always be aware of the many states this world is in

3.1.4. Community as a constitutive element of worship Always engage in your community HUGE part of religion The key to understanding many of Jesus' teaching - acting in a community

4. Incarnation as Basis

4.1. Christ as Basis

4.1.1. Truly God and Truly Man Paschal Mystery God's mission of sending Jesus Christ Reincarnation

4.2. Consequences of the Incarnation

4.2.1. Jesus' death and ressurection

4.2.2. The spread of God's law and word