There Will Come Soft Rains

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There Will Come Soft Rains by Mind Map: There Will Come Soft Rains

1. Silhouette- outline or general shape of something

2. Paranoia- excessive suspicion of motives of others

3. Regiment- military, unit of ground forces

4. Incinerator- a furnace for burning trash

5. Capillaries- pertaining to or occurring in or as if in a tube of fine bore

6. Oblivious- unaware

7. Sublime- elevated or lofty in thought

8. Psychopathic- mental disorder, individual manifest amoral and antisocial behavior

9. The fact that the house was automatic and ran by itself was an unusual quality. It had an automatic alarm clock, kitchen appliances, and an intercom.

10. The five paint spots were the people burned into the side of the house.

11. The people died in a explosion.

12. The house protected itself from the bird by setting off the alarm. It also tried to save itself from the fire that started.

13. The dog is very thin because it hasn't been feed in weeks.

14. The mice carry the dog's remains and put them in the incinerator.

15. At 2:35 the family most likely goes outside and relaxes.

16. At 4:30 the kids most likely went into their room to take a nap.

17. The family that lived there was the McClellan family.

18. The house tried to save itself from the fire that broke out by shutting its doors and turning on its sprinklers.

19. The last voice to die was the one saying "Today is August 5th, 2026"

20. The warning that he is trying to deliver is that one day technology might become stronger than people

21. Plot Summary

22. Exposition: The story takes place in 2026 in a house of the future.

23. Rising Action: The house is doing things on its own, like taking out the trash, cooking food, and waking up the people who lived there.

24. Climax: However, the people are no where to be found. Supposedly, they died in a bomb explosion a couple of weeks ago, but the house is still running. Then, the house catches on fire.

25. Falling Action: The house goes up in flames and tries to safe itself to no avail. It slowly burns down to the ground.

26. Resolution: After the fire has burned the house down all that's left is one wall that keeps repeating the date.

27. Quote 1: This quote is important to the story, because it leaves the impression that no one lives there anymore. This quote represents how quiet the house seems to be. However, no matter how quiet the house may be, the voice in the house will go through its normal everyday routine.