Faction RTS

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Faction RTS by Mind Map: Faction RTS

1. Milestone: NPC Factions

1.1. Requires

1.1.1. Faction AI

1.1.2. Fleets

1.2. Provides

1.2.1. Basic economy Resource drain Resource provider

1.2.2. Basic economy participant creating competition between player and AI

1.2.3. Can grow and fill gaps between two players if the economy curve allows profit

1.3. Possible Extensions

1.3.1. Diplomacy various contract types share map view -> add fog of war before? non-agression treaty for x days paying yyyy credits many more thing to imagine

1.3.2. Espionage

1.4. Quests possible with this

1.4.1. Attack station

1.4.2. Defend station

1.4.3. patrol border

1.4.4. Mine resources

2. Milestone: Trading

2.1. Requires

2.1.1. System wide shops

2.1.2. Dynamic pricing

2.2. Provides

2.2.1. Automated resource transfer

2.2.2. connect player factories together by ai/fleets

2.2.3. Income/work for players

2.3. Possible Extensions

2.3.1. Player factories get their own AI to supply resources or distribute end products based on buy/sell pricing

2.4. Quests possible with this

2.4.1. Protect trade ship

2.4.2. Distress signal

2.4.3. Capture and return trade ship

2.4.4. Prevent supplies from reaching destination

3. Milestone: Fleets

3.1. Requires

3.1.1. Fleet AI

3.2. Provides

3.2.1. Basic non-player ship movement

3.3. Possible Extensions

3.3.1. Auto-mining

3.3.2. Remote transport

3.3.3. Remote trading

3.3.4. Remote Taxi

4. Milestone: Universe overhaul

4.1. Requires

4.1.1. Economy tested and stable

4.1.2. NPC factions tested and stable

4.1.3. Colonies and distribution tested and stable

4.1.4. A universe reset for most servers --> Make sure its only ONCE or TWICE max

4.2. Provides

4.2.1. Big scaled stellar diversity, to make every system and even galaxy have something unique

4.2.2. getting the well tested mechanics from previous releases to full scale active, some colonies, factions and trade areas doing well, while others struggle and gape for the player to aid/fill with life

4.3. Possible extensions

4.3.1. Individual systembonuses

4.3.2. Buffs/nerfs to specific systems

4.3.3. Random events influencing/changing parameters System wide jump drive failures wormholes rerouting colonies starving from diseases

4.4. Quests possible with this

4.4.1. Ships in trouble

4.4.2. Invasion?

5. Milestone: Colonies

5.1. Requires

5.1.1. Basic economy resource drain from economy to grow

5.2. Provides

5.2.1. Economy interaction

5.2.2. Various buffs

5.2.3. Stuff to do, including quests

5.3. Possible Extensions

5.3.1. Hire crew

5.3.2. system bonus by loyality

5.4. Quests possible with this

5.4.1. Find a place for a new home

5.4.2. Taxi missions

5.4.3. scan surrounding area