Jazz Timeline

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Jazz Timeline by Mind Map: Jazz Timeline

1. Ragtime

1.1. Music Characteristics: Mostly ensemble; pieces were repetitive; simple harmonies; tunes learned by ear; everyone plays all the time except for soloists

1.1.1. Early Jazz Buddy Bolden Tommy Turpin Scott Joplin

2. Blues

2.1. Music Characteristics: call-and-response pattern, "blue notes" which are flatter in pitch than other music styles, early blues verses repeated a single line four times; then began AAB pattern

2.1.1. Ray Charles

2.1.2. B.B. King

2.1.3. Bessie Smith

3. Brass

3.1. Music Characteristics: virtuoso music; no duplication in rhythm; instrumental; fast tempo; complex chord progressions; improvisation based on combination of harmonic structure

3.1.1. Swing Louis Armstrong Benny Goodman Bebop Billie Holiday