dilza gonzalez

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dilza gonzalez by Mind Map: dilza gonzalez

1. community

1.1. popular education/community libraries,workshops(collective justice,LCFF=LCAP)

1.2. motivation/babysitting for each other,translation,art therapy

1.3. activities/ zumba,soccer league

2. leader

2.1. giving programs/bridge to kinder,seeds,giving public speeches and making videos

2.2. helping parents/translating, reffering them to programs(san andreas,kidscope)

2.3. involve in my community/EMPUJE, school site council,DELAC

3. higher education

3.1. college education/pique,college field trips

3.2. braking the school gap/early literacy, head start

3.3. early education/starting at home,practicing together

4. passion

4.1. social working/advocating and providing them with tools and programs

4.2. children/understanding them, bringing a better life,equity in schools

4.3. advocate/ special need students, single mothers, and families with any kind of trouble

5. my children

5.1. autism/new life style/therapist/acceptance

5.2. I.E.P daughter/ got bullying/working together with the school

5.3. future helpers, and social activists since an early age/ Somos Mayfair organization, protesting,helping class mates.