Me, Myself & I Gina Farfan

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Me, Myself & I Gina Farfan by Mind Map: Me, Myself  & I Gina Farfan

1. Perspective

1.1. Glass half full half emty

1.1.1. Life is ether good or bad depends how you see it.

1.2. The right to do for my daughter

1.2.1. After mine and my daughters life was in danger. I realize I had to think for the best of my daughter. Whats the best for her long run, short run, the benefits the cons everything because its a life not a doll its flesh and bones. Perspective is part of my identity. And makes me more intelligent every day. Putting myself in everybody shoes.

1.3. Optimistic is a principal in my life.

1.4. Mother, daughter, Sister, Friends

1.4.1. I am many things. Everything I view I try to see it in every angle possible. When I am told something, I don't judge because Im' not seeing it, in there eyes and their reasons. Everybody around me plays a part in that as well. Giving me more opportunities to grow.

2. Mother

2.1. I had a high risk pregnancy.

2.1.1. Order to be on strick bed rest from high rate of premature labor. Seven weeks not getting up. Patient was what I obtain from everything.

2.2. Over came a domestic violece relationship.

2.2.1. Its a really long story of what I went through. But the out come was strength. Motherhood brought patient, strength and most importantly responsibility of my perspective

2.3. My daughter has a heart murmer.

2.3.1. All this is a progress that lead to realizing all the responsibility I had as a mother that will forever change my perspective.

3. Jobs

3.1. My first real that I got paid in checks was at Jack in the box by great american. This taught me.....

3.1.1. How taxes worked and how much they took away from me.

3.1.2. The value of hard work.

3.1.3. Having a 2nd family.

3.2. My second job was as cook at a mexican restaurant. My experience here I learned...

3.2.1. I was working here at the same time I worked at jack and went to school. At this job I got paid under the table. I learned that the world is unfair because they ripped us off basically. All this grave me the knowledge / trait of reality, motivation most importantly perspective.

3.3. I went back to Jack in the box after I gave birth but this was a different store. This job informed of....

3.3.1. Positions levels.

3.3.2. Loyalty.

3.3.3. The ability to stay firm and not follow the crowd.

3.4. This was my first job at the age of 13 a cook at a private catholic all girls school. This inspired me to ...

3.4.1. To earn and fight for what I want when I met a girl working full time to got there.

3.4.2. Be thankful for everything I have a get.

4. School

4.1. Last grading period I got all A's

4.1.1. I put this for the reason it was very hard for me. Keeping up with my classes, doing homework while taking care of my daughter. I believe this shows my motivation and ambition to succeed.

4.2. Graduting/ Done May 20th

4.2.1. I was told I would drop out or take a whole extra year to finish school but looked at me graduating with my class 2016.

5. Why I am I proud because I symbolize a tree. A tree that is half winter half spring.