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Teachers Network by Mind Map: Teachers Network

1. Our Lesson Plans

1.1. Lesson Plans for New Teachers, by New Teachers!

1.2. Lesson Plans by Veteran Teachers!

2. Classroom Specials

2.1. N/A

3. Popular Teacher Designed Activities

3.1. What Makes a Good Friend

3.2. The Ocean Biome

3.3. Breads from around the World

3.4. The Great American Melting Pot

3.5. Catching on to Catcher in the Rye

3.6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

3.7. Digging into the Past

4. Videos for Teachers

4.1. Teachers on Teaching

4.2. View Our TNLI ScreenCasts Created by the Teachers Network Leadership Institute!

4.3. Aligning Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment: Teaching U.S. History Teaching Supreme Court Cases

4.4. Aligning Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment: The Fishbowl-Using Action Research to Achieve Standards and Improve Class Discussions

4.5. Balanced Literacy: A Literacy Program in a K-1 Classroom

4.6. Balanced Literacy: A Morning in a Kindergarten Classroom

4.7. Balanced Literacy: 2 Hours 10 Minutes in a 2nd Grade Classroom

5. How-To Articles

5.1. Adjust Your Teaching Styles for English Language Learners (ELL) in ESL/Bilingual Classrooms

5.2. Adjust Your Teaching Styles to Students' Learning Styles

5.3. Build a Community of Learners

5.4. Develop as a Professional

5.5. Find a Teaching Position

5.6. Get Started

5.7. Implement Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment

6. Teacher Research

6.1. Professional Development

6.2. Curriculum Implementation

6.3. Class Management and School Culture

6.4. Assessment and Preparation for ASsessment

6.5. Parental Involvement and Immigrant Engagement

6.6. Policy and Practice

6.7. Research on Education Issues

7. Grant How-To's

7.1. 10 Tips for Grantwriters

7.2. The Elements of a Grant Proposal

7.3. Why Proposals Get Rejected

7.4. Resources for Grantwriters

7.5. Funding Our Classrooms