All about Eric

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All about Eric by Mind Map: All about Eric

1. great personality

1.1. getting along with others / made friends easy with johnny at school

1.2. easy to approach / johnny approached me for help the first day he met me

1.3. never boring awsome friend to have around / my classmate Chris said i was awsome for helping him with his home work

2. good self esteem

2.1. always in courage mysel / when i got bad gradeds in mrs P class i in courage myself to try harder next grading periosf

2.2. never let stuff put me down / although i waisted all my money on bill i didnt let that effect me and bring me down

2.3. always motivated / when i first started school at sjcccs i always motivated myself to graduatee

3. very understanding

3.1. very forgiving / i forgave my sister for crashing my car

3.2. awesome advice skills / my friend Johnathan said i have good advice skills

3.3. comprehensive / my mom said i am very comprehensive when it come to house chorse

4. helpful

4.1. like helping people / helped homeless people on thanksgiving give away in church

4.2. none judgmental / didnt judge my teacher when she gave me bad grades

4.3. Always lend a hand / help all my classmates johnny with there work

5. careing

5.1. caring about others / took care of my mom members when they get sick

5.2. supportive / took my niece out to eat even though she lost in her soccer match

5.3. always considerate of the situation / like when my co.worker needed a important day of so i covered for him at work