There Will Come Soft Rains.

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There Will Come Soft Rains. by Mind Map: There Will Come Soft Rains.

1. So the house was completely abandoned. It was robotic and entirely self-reliant. Nobody lived in it but the house still did its daily tasks as if the inhabitants still remained. It showed how at specific times it would either be breakfast or time to play cards. Eventually the story reveals spots of paint along the outside of the house in the outline of people. Suggesting that there was some sort of nuclear blast. Near the end of the story, there is a storm and lightening strikes the house. A fire spreads burning the house to pieces. The house tries desperately to save itself, but in the end it fails.

2. Vocabulary

2.1. silhouette

2.1.1. an object or scene in a black form or shadow.

2.2. paranioa

2.2.1. An irrational fear that people or objects are 'out to get you'

2.3. regiment

2.3.1. A permanent unit of the army

2.4. incinerator

2.4.1. A furnace or apparatus used for burning objects

2.5. capilary

2.5.1. A branch in the blood vessel

2.6. oblivious

2.6.1. unmindful

2.7. sublime

2.7.1. Elevated or lofty thought

2.8. psychopathic

2.8.1. A mental disorder

3. Questions!

3.1. 1

3.1.1. The house had many unusual qualities like, it has little moving robot animals, or a self reliant security system.

3.2. 2

3.2.1. The paint were the women, the children, and the ball.

3.3. 3

3.3.1. The whole family died in some sort of radioactive bomb or anomaly.

3.4. 4

3.4.1. Any sort of outside being like animals or bees.

3.5. 5

3.5.1. It had't been taken care of since the family died.

3.6. 6

3.6.1. The dogs remains were swept up and burned.

3.7. 7

3.7.1. They play cards or board games.

3.8. 8

3.8.1. The children go to bed at 4:30.

3.9. 9

3.9.1. The family's name was McClelon

3.10. 10

3.10.1. The house tries to save itself by starting the sprinklers or sending out the mice.

3.11. 11

3.11.1. The last dying voice was saying the date.

3.12. 12

3.12.1. That we should not let the machines take over!

4. Plot Summary