!Tuck Everlasting!

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!Tuck Everlasting! by Mind Map: !Tuck Everlasting!

1. !Trust!

1.1. How do you know to trust or not?

1.1.1. How do you define a person trustable?

1.2. Should you trust someone if you don't know them?

1.2.1. How do you know if that person is a stranger?

1.3. Why do we trust our parents?

1.3.1. Is it because of family relations?

1.3.2. Is your family someone you can rely on?


2.1. Is there such thing?

2.2. Is it that dangerous?

3. !Children's desire for freedom!

3.1. What would happen if children went against rules?

3.2. If children were let free what would happen?

4. !Fear of the Unknown!

4.1. Why are we afraid of it?

4.1.1. Because we never experienced it We don't want to experience it We are told it is bad We are told to stay away from it

4.1.2. We could get hurt or lost We are afraid of getting hurt so we don't risk it We are afraid of getting lost so we don't risk it

4.2. Why do we have an urge to make it happen?

4.2.1. We are told not to do it so we do it Does it only happen to only certain people? Why do our minds work that way?

4.2.2. When people say don't do something you have the urge to do it Why? How? So why don't people say what to do instead of saying what not to do?

5. !Rich!

5.1. Sourounddings and possesions

5.2. What does it mean?