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Calpurnia by Mind Map: Calpurnia

1. Act like

1.1. like a mother to scout

1.2. loving

2. looks like

2.1. African American

2.2. "She was all angles and bones;...she squinted; her hand was wide as a bed slat and twice as hard."

3. Motivated by

3.1. Helping the Finch family ' I don't want anybody saying I don't look after my children.' pg 128

3.2. Fitting in - she changes her accent to fit the crowd she is with

4. Textual issues and concerned linked to this character

4.1. racism

4.2. prejudice

4.3. segregation - church

5. how others see her

5.1. Beneath them

5.2. House Keeper

5.3. Not as smart as a white person

6. Believes and values

6.1. Christian